Monday, April 15, 2013

Cupcake socks & poem

Cupcake socks


Stand Ye in Holy Places

As you place these socks upon your feet
Please remember, they are for more than heat.
They are to remind you of where you should stand--
In Holy places is the scriptures' command.
The temple, the church, and your home too--
These places should be very sacred to you.

Wherefore, stand ye in holy places, and be not
moved, until the day of the Lord come;
for behold, it cometh quickly,
saith the Lord. Amen. (D&C 87:8)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lion Cupcakes

The topic for my lesson on Sunday was courage so I decided to bring Lion cupcakes. I gave an analogy about the physical courage of lions and compared it to spiritual courage.

Beehive Brownies

I thought I'd bring these beehive brownies for the young women on Sunday, since I am the beehive leader. 

Value Cupcakes

I brought these cupcakes to church a few weeks ago for the young women. I divided and tinted vanilla frosting with different colors of food coloring to match the young women values.

Secret Grandpa Activity

We had a "secret grandpa" activity for mutual that turned out to be a really fun activity. About a month before our activity the girls and leaders each selected a "secret grandpa" in the ward to honor. We started out by giving them a card that let them know that they had been selected as a secret grandpa. Then we gave them a small gift each week for four weeks. The picture below is an example of one of the gifts that I gave my secret grandpa. It is marshmallows on a skewer covered in chocolate. We invited them to a dinner prepared by the young women at the end of the four weeks.
The dinner was held at our young women presidents house. We made two different kinds of pasta - chicken Alfredo and spaghetti with meatballs. We served the pasta with garlic bread and provided juice as well. For dessert we had 3 different flavors of individual sized cheesecakes (mint chocolate, vanilla with strawberries, chocolate.)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flower Cupcakes

Today I taught the lesson on the second coming in Young Women's and brought these flower cupcake treats for the girls. I got the flower cupcake liners as a gift from my Mom, but I have seen them at Michaels craft store too. I was lazy and bought a box of carrot cake mix and 2 cans of cream cheese frosting from the store to make the cupcakes. I used a 1M piping tip (looks like a star) and swirled the cream cheese frosting beginning in the center, so that it looked like a rose. You have to use a lot of frosting to make the rose design on top. I got many complements on how they looked and tasted. I think the girls are more excited about cupcakes than cookies.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CTR Cookies

It was my turn to teach in young women's last Sunday. The lesson was on prayer and sabbath day observance. I brought these CTR cookies as treats. For non-LDS readers, CTR means "choose the right." 
To make them -
1.) Add peanut butter and chocolate chips to a basic sugar cookie recipe. 
2.) trace a shield image onto card stock paper from your computer screen. Cut out the image. 
3.) Roll out cookie dough, place shield image on top of cookie dough and around it. 
4.) Bake cookies, let cool.
5.) Buy store bought vanilla frosting or make your own. Add green food coloring to 3/4 of container.
6.) Spread on green frosting thinly. Let dry.
7.) Snip the corner off of a bag and pipe on CTR letters. Or, use an exacto knife to cut out CTR letters on card stock. Place hallow CTR letters on top of cookie and spread white frosting over it (like your using a stencil.)