Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crown Cookies

I made these crown cookies tonight to bring to church tomorrow for the young women. I will be teaching the lesson on Temple marriage.

I didn't use a cookie cutter. I traced a crown image from my computer screen onto card stock paper. I rolled out my cookie dough (sugar cookie with a few Tbsp of cocoa powder added) and used a knife to cut the dough around the crown image.

This time, I bought vanilla frosting from the store. I added a few drops of red food coloring to the frosting to make it pink and added peppermint extract to taste.

For the lettering, I added a few more drops of red food coloring to make the frosting darker and piped it on to the cookie. I also used pink jelly beans to decorate the crowns. The message on the cookie says "Daughter of a Heavenly King".

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We learned how to do makeup for our mutual activity last Wednesday. We had the activity at my house, because I wanted to project what was on my computer screen onto my TV screen so we could watch bigger online videos.  I picked out a few makeup video tutorials to watch that were from credible companies like Maybelline, Sephira, clique, etc.

We started out talking about the grooming and appearance standards in the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet. Where it talks about how the youth should maintain modesty in their appearance, which of course applies to all of us. We talked about avoiding extremes in appearance (lady gaga) and also to avoid being extremely casual in our appearance.

I have included a couple of the videos that I think were most popular from our activity. The first covers eyebrows and the second video is about how to get a more natural look with makeup.

After watching the movies, the girls paired up and did each others make up.  The make up came from the dollar store. We spent less than $15 on it and I have to say that I was pretty impressed by the selection and quality of makeup we got there.

I made two types of treats and we had some salty popcorn to balance out the sweetness. I made layered bars with a brownie base, marshmallow center, and chocolate/peanut butter/rice crispy topping. I also made peanut butter rice crispy no-bake cookies. I've included pictures and recipes for the treats below.

The layered brownie recipe

The peanut butter no-bake cookie recipe

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gardening Activity

We had a gardening activity for mutual last week that turned out to be so fun. The young women's president prepared a little lesson on nutrition that we started out with. She found a list of questions about nutrition online that we went through as a class. The girls would guess the answers and she would tell them if they were right or wrong.

The refreshments were nutritious foods like strawberries, grapes, carrots (w/ranch), celery (w/peanut butter), etc.

Then we painted our garden pots with acrylic paint. The girls were so creative with their designs. Some of the designs made were of polka dots, an ocean scene, a dotted tree, etc. I used a celery stick to dip in paint and stamp petals onto my pot to create flowers. See picture below.

We filled the pots with potting soil and planted different kinds of vegetables / herbs. In the future we are going to have the girls make a dish using the vegetable / herb they grow as an ingredient. Then they will bring the dish they create to another activity.  I decided to plant thyme, because it is one of my favorite herbs. I like to use it when I make cheese gnocchi. It goes well in a pasta dish I make too that has sauteed mushrooms, cream sauce, hard cheese, and pork.