Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gardening Activity

We had a gardening activity for mutual last week that turned out to be so fun. The young women's president prepared a little lesson on nutrition that we started out with. She found a list of questions about nutrition online that we went through as a class. The girls would guess the answers and she would tell them if they were right or wrong.

The refreshments were nutritious foods like strawberries, grapes, carrots (w/ranch), celery (w/peanut butter), etc.

Then we painted our garden pots with acrylic paint. The girls were so creative with their designs. Some of the designs made were of polka dots, an ocean scene, a dotted tree, etc. I used a celery stick to dip in paint and stamp petals onto my pot to create flowers. See picture below.

We filled the pots with potting soil and planted different kinds of vegetables / herbs. In the future we are going to have the girls make a dish using the vegetable / herb they grow as an ingredient. Then they will bring the dish they create to another activity.  I decided to plant thyme, because it is one of my favorite herbs. I like to use it when I make cheese gnocchi. It goes well in a pasta dish I make too that has sauteed mushrooms, cream sauce, hard cheese, and pork.

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