Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mystery Dinner

We celebrated the graduating seniors in our young women's class for mutual a couple of weeks ago. A really neat lady had us over to her house for a mystery dinner. I had never been to one before and it turned out to be really fun.

When we got there we all sat at a large rectangular table. We were given a menu. The food items were listed in code. For example, one menu item was named "boxers best" and it turned out to be punch (juice). Another menu item was "Garden of Eden" and it was the code name for baked apple slices.

There were 5 courses and we selected the menu items we wanted served to us. Since we didn't understand most of the code names for food listed on the menu, we ended up getting served plates of food with funny combinations.

Oh...and did I mention that we had to order our silverware too from the coded menu? I actually got a pretty big kick out of watching people find creative ways to eat their food without silverware until they got some. One of the girls dipped her baked potato in butter and sour cream as she ate it.

The same girl got ice cream for her first course. Like her, I too received no silverware for my first course. I ended up using my crackers to scoop up and eat the jello and corn on my plate.

During dinner, we kept tyring to figure out what code names the food went with, because we couldn't remember all that we had ordered for each course.  At the end, our host told us what foods the code names on our menu were associated with.

When I got home I looked up more ideas for mystery dinners online. Some mystery dinner food ideas (code names and answers) can be found in the list above if you'd like to try this at home.



  2. Just wondering? When you got silverware did the hostess allow you to keep them for the following courses or was every item picked up after every course?

  3. I think you get to keep your silverware.